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Nevada Asset Protection Trusts

By creating the formidable Nevada asset protection trust statutes, Nevada has demonstrated the most debtor-friendly legislation with its asset protection trust features. Nevada asset protection trusts offer the shortest statute of limitations on fraudulent transfer and, unless the trust was improperly funded, it will preserve assets in bankruptcy.

Nevada Asset Protection Trust Advantages

Nevada asset protection trusts offer a two year statute of limitations on fraudulent transfer and if the establishment of the trust and transfer of assets was published, such as a newspaper, the limitation can be as soon as six months.

This tool offers everyone something:

  • Start your asset protection plan with an asset protection trust in Nevada
  • Diversify your domestic or offshore asset protection plan with a Nevada trust

The top asset protection law firms in the world recommend spreading your wealth around multiple jurisdictions, on and offshore. This makes your legal opponent fight the battle on multiple fronts. Domestic trusts with debtor-friendly legal framework offer something for people who aren’t comfortable going offshore, or already are offshore and are further diversifying.

“The next best thing to a foreign asset protection trust”

Nevada isn’t the only state getting onboard with asset protection trust laws, however it has the most business-friendly reputation and strongest corporate veil track record and it is a front runner in favoring debtors in recent trust law changes.

You don’t have to go offshore to get a self-settled trust anymore. These are in the elite trust category where you can put your wealth into them, lock future creditors out and benefit exclusively from the trust assets with protection. This is as good as it gets for domestic asset protection trusts, also known as DAPT.

There are thousands of these trusts being formed every year. Nevada asset protection trusts can be used in concert with other top protective jurisdiction trusts as part of a wealth protection and diversification strategy, or as your nest egg plan. We consider Nevada as the best domestic asset protection trust.

Nevada has extended the most hospitality for those of us who want their assets protected from legal storms with their self-settled asset protection trust laws.

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